References from Our Clients

We work with small businesses and organizations in the Northern Virginia area.  Our clients' satisfaction is very important to us. You can find below a sample of references about services we have provided for some of them.  



"Our accountant helped us streamline routine processes, get our records in order and simplify our bookkeeping tasks.  She helped us obtain tax exempt status from the state, receive better banking service and reduce admincosts."  - Joe A., Briar Woods High School PTSO, 2011-2012 Ashburn, VA.

"I am very thankful for all your hard work and assistance provided in setting up and registering my new business, as well as offering a solid tax advice." - Amber N, Laila's Studio owner, Ashburn, VA.



"Perfect Balance LLC helped me establish my new photography business.  I was able to get all the information pertaining to business registration on the state and federal levels, find helpful business links online and make better informed decisions.  My business was up and running in no time and any time i have a question or need assistance with tax or financial issues I always consult with the owner of Perfect Balance. She responds quickly and is very professional." -  Mark J., Somnia Photo owner, Berryville, VA.

"We have been working with the Perfect Balance owner for over a year and have been consistently impressed by her attitude towards her work and performance on the job. Her interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop productive working relationships with both, our clients and our staff.  Our accountant has listening and professional skills necessary to perform financial assessments and work at a high degree of satisfation. She also has good analytical skills to disgnose problems and devise viable solutions. Her ability to remain unflustered during frenzied periods like tax season and independent audit proves her ability to work well under pressure  We highly recommend our accountant for any accounting or bookkeeping projects that require precise and accurate results."  - Mani and Panee V., co-owners, CNS, Sterling, VA.