The Busy Life of the IRS

Now that the IRS is under public scrutiny for its inappropriate application review process toward small conservative groups, it is interesting to look at what else the agency has been busy with lately......  


  • during past 10 years there were over 4,400 changes to tax code, more than 1 change a day; 579 changes were made in 2010;
  • in 2011, the IRS (its Electronic Fraud Detection System) flagged 1,054,704 tax returns on suspicion of fraud (72% increase over 2010);
  • in 2011, the IRS (its Identity Protection Specialized Unit) received over 226,000 identity theft-related cases (20% increase over 2010);
  • in 2010, the IRS made about 15 million contacts with individual taxpayers for tax liabilities adjustments and audited 1.6 million of those taxpayers;
  • in 2010, th IRS issued 106 million notices to correct math errors.


Source: Disclosures, May/June 2012, Vol.25 No.3.