Health Insurance News for 2013

  • Many companies will be offering an open enrollment period during which the
    employees will be able to review their coverage and costs, as well as compare
    them to other available medical plans. 
  • In addition to the basic choices of a coverage for an individual or
    family employers will be offering options in between i.e., "employee
    plus spouse" and "employee plus children".
  • Participating in the "in network" plans might decrease the costs
    by 10-20% comparing to the "out of network" plans.
  • In 2013 the maximum amount that can be set aside in a FSA (Flexible Spending
    Account) to cover health costs with pretax dollars is $2,500 (down from
    the common amount of $5,000).
  • Health law listed preventive health benefits for women that most plans must
    provide next year, i.e., contraceptive services, annual well-woman visits,
    screenings for gestational diabetes and HIV.  To receive these services
    free of cost the patient must state that the appointment is for preventive, not
    diagnostic services.